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Albie came to Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West for Work Experience, interested in business and marketing.  He worked with Leanne Robertson, Business Support Manager. Before he left us, Leanne interviewed him about his experience at Tidy Green Clean and his future plans.

Hi Albie, tell us a bit about yourself

I go to Portlethen Academy and I’m studying Business Economics, Higher Health and Food Tech, and Maths, and I’m 17.

How did you get your work experience at Tidy Green Clean?

Through my Business Skills FA. They gave me the placement to go along with the in-class work I had to do, which was pretty good. 

What have you been doing here at Tidy Green Clean?

I had to do three tasks and a project. The tasks were around social media posts, CLIVE, and researching post codes for the Aberdeen-based businesses. My project was a presentation about how the whole business works, about how it’s eco-friendly, which helps it draw in new clients and keep current clients.

Has it been a useful placement?

Yes, because it’s not been too strict, so it’s kind of similar to school. It’s not too formal and it’s been a pleasant atmosphere. I enjoyed it more than I thought it would.

What are your plans?

I’m not sure yet. I’m going to take a gap year and work for that year, and then do something business in college or Uni, or maybe get an apprenticeship, but I’m not sure yet – and I finish my Highers this summer.

This has given me a good idea to see what it’s like to be in a business. I’ve worked in sales and marketing and seen those sides of things – and the social media aspect, that was pretty good to get that experience.

Does Tidy Green Clean’s environmental stance make sense to you?

It’s really good because climate change is a pretty big problem, so even things like cleaning or something like that, helps a lot, so more companies should be like Tidy Green Clean

Would you recommend work experience here to someone else?

Yeah I would, and I could see myself working in this sort of business and this sort of role.

Do you think more companies should offer placements?

It gives the company another set of hands when they’re busy to do the little things and it also gives the student, the person on the placement, help to get into that business gradually. Afterwards they may get an apprenticeship which benefits them both, and it means the person knows how businesses works.

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