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The EF100, published by Elite Franchise magazine has placed Tidy Green Clean in the top 100 for two years running.

With a Tidy Green Clean Franchise you will be given the unique opportunity to start your own commercial cleaning business without the uncertainty experienced by many start-ups.

So why buy a commercial cleaning franchise? Nearly every business in the UK needs a cleaner and will look for a reputable local company who are reliable, trustworthy and take pride in their work.

A Tidy Green Clean Franchise offers exactly that. By becoming a franchise owner you will instantly join a strong and prospering brand that people trust, allowing you to hit the ground running.

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With a Tidy Green Clean Franchise you will be given the unique opportunity to start your own commercial cleaning business without the uncertainty experienced by many start-ups.

Both our franchise models have been created to not only give you the best start in growing your own business but also allow you the flexibility to work around your lifestyle.

Whichever franchise path you take with TGC you will have the opportunity to:

  • Become your own boss.
  • Grow within an industry in demand.
  • Be backed by an established brand.
  • Use a tried and tested system.
  • Gain expert training and support.
  • Cut down on paperwork.
  • Have a guaranteed income.
  • Grow at your own pace.

TGC Local Franchise

A Tidy Green Clean Local Franchise is a business opportunity that allows you to start your own commercial cleaning business without the growing pains felt by many start-ups

You will be a self-employed cleaner that will be provided with a number of customers and be responsible for managing their commercial cleaning needs to ensure they are left with clean and clear working environments. You will never be asked to find new customers.

To find out more about our TGC Local Franchises, download our booklet and arrange a franchise meeting using the contact details and form below.

TGC Master Franchise

A Tidy Green Clean Master Franchise is a management franchise opportunity where you do not undertake the cleaning but lead a team of cleaners and Local Franchisees.

You will be given the chance of investing in a region within the UK. It will become your responsibility to drive sales, and manage the commercial cleaning requirements of your customers, to ensure they have a clean and clear working environment.

To find out more about our TGC Master Franchises, download our booklet and arrange a franchise meeting using the contact details and form below.
Grant Petrkin

"Becoming a commercial cleaning franchise owner gave me the drive to create a better life for me and my family."

Working with Tidy Green Clean has given me a tried and tested model, someone to guide me, in order that I can just get on with the day-to-day running of the business.

The unique business structure means our clients receive a consistent quality service from a motivated, owner operated cleaning team within Tidy Green Clean.

Grant Peterkin | Regional Director, Aberdeen South

There are a million and one reasons to go into business for yourself. Just pause for a second right now and I’m sure you’ll have dozens of reasons popping into your head about why running your own business would be a great idea.

Of course we know there are risks. A second’s pause to think of the risks throws up a number that may have you hesitating on the idea.

This is why we are going to give you 9 excellent reasons to become your own boss with a franchise.

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1: The power of numbers

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With a franchise you become a part of a much larger network than if you were going alone. Savings in partnerships and agreements for supplies and even advertising can be one of the great values of franchises.

Giving you a leg up on going it all alone and facing the costs all by yourself.

2: Knowledge and training

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In a franchise system you benefit from specialist training that is designed to get you firing on all four cylinders and up to speed on your franchise model from the get-go.

This ongoing support means you have a direct line to knowledge that is proven to bring successes and that will help you to continually get better.

3: Building for the future

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While most franchise agreements are often for set terms, such as 10 years, it can nevertheless be a great way to build something for your family’s future.

A major driver of why entrepreneurs start a business is the hope of being able to pass the success on to their children. The nature of franchises and how the processes are taught and quickly learned mean that you can pass on the operation and control of your business.

With a franchise you get a lot of support and this can help you to pass on your business success to your children with ease.

4: Quality control

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Being a part of a franchise group does mean that you have to follow some rules and regulations. However, that ensures that quality is controlled and you can be confident that you are working with fellow franchisees that want to maintain and improve the standards set.

Everyone pulling towards a common goal builds the brand’s integrity and means it is a win-win for everyone involved.

5: Brand strength

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From the beginning you are working with a brand that customers will recognise and be attracted to.

This is a massive head start for your business ahead of the standing start you may experience with your own business.

6: Tried and tested

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It can be daunting when starting a business and facing the amount of time it takes to get everything up and running. It can require a big leap of faith.

But with a franchise you can be confident you are starting with a system that is tried and tested.

7: You are not alone

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Starting a business can be intimidating but with a franchise you are not on your own. Your franchise support structure is just a phone call away. You are surrounded by a support structure that will be there at the start and as you continue on your journey.

This means that you are constantly being shown new ways to continue on your road to success and as the whole setup grows, so do you.

8: Territory

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When you buy a franchise you are often buying an exclusive geographical territory in which only your franchise operates. Most franchise operators place limits on the numbers of franchises that can operate in any one area.

This gives a franchise holder the confidence that they are best placed to reap the rewards of success in their area.

9: Easy exit

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Another great aspect of franchises is the ability to sell and exit at a later stage. It is so much easier exiting a franchise than if you were selling a standalone business because of the structure that is in place.

Just another great reason to look at a TGC franchise business.

Grant Peterkin Andrew Alleway David Moncur 
the TGC directors

We know that starting a new business can be scary but when you join Tidy Green Clean you join the Tidy Green Clean family. We are all moving towards the same goal, sharing and celebrating each other's success and helping each other when in need.

From start to finish you will not only be offered expert training and knowledge but also a support structure that is only a phone call or email away. We are constantly sharing ideas and new ways of working that help us all to ensure that our TGC journeys are a smooth and enjoyable ride and not a bumpy road.

Andrew Alleway | Managing Director
David Moncur | Operations Director
Co-founders of Tidy Green Clean

We’re sure you will have lots of questions at this stage, which is perfectly normal. We’ll happily answer all of your questions during our franchise meeting, which you can arrange by completing our franchise meeting form:

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Our Partners

The deep clean was amazing, made a huge difference to us. I meant to message you to let you know we were very happy, however I have been out of office with guest for the past couple of days. Will look out for the cleaning kit tomorrow, if not there already. Thanks again!

"We were in the building yesterday and have certainly noted an improvement in the communal areas so many thanks to your team for that."

"Very impressed and even the toilet roll was folded at edges. It’s the little things but even my staff commented on how clean it was. Thank your cleaner that was in this weekend and can we have them every week!"

"Very happy client."

"The things we most like about Tidy Green Clean are their reliability and high standards. Keep up the good work!"

"One thing i liked was their attention to detail and their friendly cleaners. I found the whole experience to be painless and we really look forward to our office being cleaned on a Tuesday morning. I would recommend Tidy Green Clean to anyone who needs a reliable, efficient office cleaning service."




The TGC Team are ready and waiting to help you and your business.