End of Tenancy Cleaning - Aberdeen

End of Tenancy Cleaning - Aberdeen

There are few things as frustrating as moving out. Especially if you factor in the time and effort that comes with cleaning the space you leave behind.

But it must be done if you want to get your deposit back, and a quick vacuum is not going to do the trick. The property needs to look as good as the day you moved in, including the nooks and crannies you wouldn't have even thought to clean.

But fear not; the Tidy Green Clean team offers professional cleaning that even the most stubborn landlords and letting agents concede is top quality.

Whether you are a property owner, landlord, or tenant; seeking help with cleaning, if you seek end of tenancy cleaning in Aberdeen, we are here to help.

Our Commitment to You

We promise that your end of tenancy cleaning will result in a property or apartment that looks as good as new. We are passionate about our work and know the end of tenancy cleaning checklist by heart - so you can rest easy and focus on your move.

How We Solve Your Cleaning Challenges

You say

I can just do the cleaning myself.

We say

If you feel you can, and the space has been looked after, we say go for it. Just use our end of tenancy cleaning guide to help. Just be aware that landlords can be tough - it will take a lot of work and may require some special cleaning products.

You say

Commercial cleaning uses harmful chemicals that could negatively affect the environment and new tenants.

We say

We’ve achieved the ISO 14001 rating for environmental management. That means our cleaning products and processes are safe for you, the space you leave behind, and the new tenants.

You say

Cleaning crews are unreliable and could compromise or damage the property.

We say

We invest in our cleaning team – that’s one reason why our employee turnover rate is so low! Our team brings years of combined cleaning experience to the table, with professionalism and excellence that matches the pride we take in our work.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Testimonials

What is the Tidy Green Clean Way?


Unlike most aspects of moving, our cleaning service is fuss-free and stress-free. We’re fast, thorough, and up to any challenge and any area! That’s because our team is not only trained in the latest eco-friendly, technology-driven systems – we’re also reliable professionals with decades of combined experience.

We think you will love our bespoke management tools and apps that give you complete visibility and control of the entire process.


At Tidy Green Clean, we are passionate about service, integrity and responsibility. We extend these pillars to a respectful attitude towards the environment and our effect on it. With this in mind, all our products and services use only sustainable practices and technologies.

We are certified ISO 14001 for environmental management, the global gold standard of eco-friendly products and services. The space you leave behind will be free from any chemical agents that could harm you or future tenants.

Our cleaning products are:

• Free from harmful chemicals.

• Derived from sustainable, plant-based resources.

• Phosphonate- and phosphate-free.

• Biodegradable.


When moving or setting your property up for new tenants, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning. You've probably got a lot on your plate - so you want a professional cleaning service that can take the burden off your shoulders.

That’s why we hold our team to the highest standards of responsiveness and responsibility. You never have to worry about whether a crew will show up or deliver – ours will, every time.

This is in part due to the care we extend to our employees. We pay our staff a living wage and have managed to enjoy an employee retention rate of over 90 percent, meaning we’ve built up years of combined cleaning experience.

We’re certified ISO 9001 for quality management systems, and ISO 45001 for health and safety systems.

You may have worked with a cleaning company before - but you haven't seen spotless satisfaction until you experience the Tidy Green Clean way.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

End of tenancy cleaning can be a lot more work than you think. We even created a handy checklist to help tenants understand what is required from the final clean.

Below are some of the cleaning services we provide:

• Vacuuming & mopping of all flooring

• Low-moisture & hot-water (extraction) deep carpet cleaning

• Dusting & wiping down of all surfaces, including: worktops; cupboards; skirting boards

• Disinfecting & sanitising of all high traffic areas, including:

• handles & buttons

• inks, taps & toilet flushes including tables & desks; inside & outside of all kitchen appliances; fixtures, fittings & furnishings; sockets & switches; window ledges & frames; door frames

• Deep clean and scrubbing of facilities (including washrooms & kitchen areas)

• Windows & door fronts cleaned

• Spot & stain removal

• Fungus/mould/mildew, removal & control

Simply - we leave no stone unturned. We will clean, scrub and polish every inch to make your place spotless for handover.

Get in Touch Today

If you need an end of tenancy cleaning service in Aberdeen, our friendly team is here to help. Drop us a line and tell us what you need.


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