Back to Work Commercial Cleaning: A Guide and Checklist

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Tidy Green Clean’s regional teams spent 2020 supporting customers with fogging, using Zoono, the deep cleaning solution that has been a game changer for office and business premises since the arrival of Covid-19. It looks like 2021 will be the same.

Lockdowns are now part and parcel of business life and until there has been a comprehensive vaccination for the majority of people, it looks likely that working from home or a blend of home and office working will be the way of things. Yet with each lockdown, we’re all aware that our employees and our customers are being worn down, that the relentlessness of it all is creating challenges that as business owners we never thought we would have to face.

One of the things employers can do is protect the environment where they want their people to come to work. That means fulfilling your HR and HSEQ responsibilities, and within those dual safeguarding categories comes cleaning.

By demonstrating to your staff and your customers that you take the cleaning of your premises seriously, you will be communicating a whole raft of other messages that will enhance your employees’ productivity, loyalty, and mental health and wellbeing, before and once they return to work.

It’s something we take seriously too, because our cleaners and other operatives also have the same concerns that your people have as well. Last year, we created four pillars of service, based on our corporate values, to keep our people and clients at the forefront of everything we’re doing at this time. They’re on the home page of our website to remind us all of what they are and what we stand for.

Our four pillars are:

1. Compliance with all current Covid-19 guidelines and all HSEQ regulations as well as our own ISO certification standards

2. Physical safety of all client stakeholders by ensuring a hygienic and safe workplace

3. Physical safety of all our staff, client employees and their contractors through providing support systems to track and trace people as they move in and out of client premises

4. Mental health and wellbeing supported through visible signs and factual information to reassure and motivate every client’s – and our – workforce.

The cleanliness of your premises, offices, and commercial buildings in general, will also continue to impact your bottom line more than ever now. If you can’t provide a thoroughly sanitised, sparkling clean work environment, you risk people getting ill or being anxious about getting ill, and having your business’s productivity and confidence compromised – or have to delay a partial or full return to work.  

When you get ready to reopen following the current lockdown, you should ensure your cleaning service providers have washed, wiped, fogged and sanitised every corner of your building correctly. We would recommend you check that they’re using Zoono in their fogging equipment because of its ability to combat Covid-19 and other viruses. In addition, cleaning teams need to be properly equipped with the right equipment and consumables necessary to observe the prevailing tier rules while in your building. Good commercial cleaners will always discuss a cleaning schedule that enables you to maintain a healthy, hygienic place for your employees, suppliers and visitors during your working hours.

There’s a lot to think about before you do go back to your workplace – whenever that might be – and a thorough deep clean is recommended before you go in. Whether your premises is a café, surgery, hotel, or office, to help you prepare your workspace after the lockdown, we’ve created the ultimate Back-to-Work Cleaning Checklist. It’s a thorough list of tasks to help you provide a safe, healthy, hygienic working environment that you and your teams can feel comfortable returning to, day in, day out.

Communicate with Your Cleaning Service Providers

For a great relationship with your contractors, communicate your priorities and needs, as well as your expectations.

❏ Always inform the cleaning team manager and supervisor about special events, or changes in your schedule.

❏ Indicate areas in your commercial buildings that require special attention.

❏ Provide support systems to record and trace people as they move in and out of your premises.

With premises closed for long periods of time, or with various members of your team visiting at different times, it’s important not to underestimate the challenges of returning to work after lockdown.

If you prepare food on your premises, we can help by cleaning your extraction systems and ventilation ducts in line with TR19 regulations.

Making sure your working environment is a healthy, hygienic and happy one is our first priority, so let us take care of all your commercial cleaning needs. Our aim is to help you alleviate the uncertainties and worry felt by millions as people return to their place of work.

For more information about our services and the sectors we work in, our website has a comprehensive list and more information so stay for a while and see what else we offer. [] or call the team on 01224 515 933.


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