Environment, social & governance

Tidy Green Clean's ethos can be characterised by our approach to ESG - Environment, Social, and Governance.

From our accreditations and memberships to our customer charter and values, ESG drivers are the essentials that power our business.
We're Commited
Tidy Green Clean is committed to our core values: People, Standards, Environment. From everyone at HQ and our Regional Directors, to our cleaning teams and office staff, we’ve recruited people who believe our values matter too.
We're Knowledgable
We equip our 6 regional directors with the knowledge, training and support to be successful business owners, making the business mode unique within the facilities management industry
We're Eco-Friendly
We are the leading environmentally focused national cleaning operation delivering healthy, hygenic environments eveywhere
We're Accredited
We achieved ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 in under 3 years and we continue to review and improve our accredited systems annually and at each formal renewal.
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We're Supportive
We are members of the Living Wage Foundation. We tender using Real Living Wage Salaries for our people. We do not use zero-hour contracts and provide our staff with their work schedules at least four weeks in advance. This support for our staff benefits our customers because our staff are more productive, more reliable, and more committed to their work as a result.
We're Always Evolving
We are a Safe Contractor, Disability Donfident employer, and a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science.
We're Net Zero
Rooted in green practices and technologies, we were the first commercial cleaning business in Scotland to achieve a carbon negative status vis Carbon-Zero in 2021
We're Focused
We are focused in understanding both our customers and our employees, and how to be successful without that being at the expense of other people or the planet


Rooted in green practices and technologies, Tidy Green Clean was the first commercial cleaning business in Scotland to achieve a Carbon Negative status via Carbon-Zero in 2021. TGC’s commitment to environmental change is wholehearted. As well as having ISO 45001, we use low energy cleaning tools and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

The founders drive electric vehicles, and the business is certified as a Carbon Negative business since 2021, the first cleaning business in Scotland to achieve this. We’re setting the agenda for how commercial cleaning should operate, and we’re already seeing cleaning businesses across Scotland beginning to copy what we do in terms of environmental standards – and that’s the best form of flattery.


The business is focused on understanding our customers and employees, and how to be successful without that being at the expense of other people or the planet. We genuinely try and treat people how we want to be treated – and our standards are setting the bar high. We operate in an industry that has traditionally had a reputation for offering sub-standard, impersonal customer service, high staff turnover due to poor pay and low working standards.

We’re members of the Living Wage Foundation and we guarantee at least 30 hours a week for our employees if they want them, with the same standards throughout each region. This is our deep commitment to improving the local communities where each business locates, sustained by the values, focus and culture set by our business’s founders.
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we are a living wage employer


We believe in raising standards and disrupting the mediocrity that is found in many cleaning businesses. TGC has invested in globally recognised standards and excellence, demonstrated through our ISO accreditations (9001, 14001, 45001) Silver Achilles accreditation, Safe Contractor and Disability Confident employer status. These underpin our systems and processes, our customer service, our Health & Safety and risk assessments and our own internal quality auditing.

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If you have any questions about our values or any of aspect of our ESG policies, or indeed any questions about how we look after our customers, please contact us using the link below, by phoning 03330 095095 or by emailing info@tidygreenclean.co.uk

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