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One of the most familiar and well-worn phrases I have heard over the past week is, ‘it’s business as usual.’ While governments and the Chancellor work out how best to support us all financially now and in the near future, as business owners and employees, we’re still doing what we know best: getting on with business as usual.

Yet this does now feel like a brave new world. Many of us have staff working at home, others are key workers, going about their business like the superheroes we need them to be. In our business, our cleaning teams are phenomenal. They are highly trained and have been giving their all, working extra shifts to provide additional cleaning and deep cleans to support businesses far and wide to keep on operating for as long as possible. We thought it would be helpful to summarise the different options we’ve got to help businesses keep on going, what’s available for clients and what’s possible if you’re needing extra cleaning help.

Business as usual

For us, it has to be business as usual. We are the unseen team of workers who come and sanitise your offices, schools, gyms and factories either before you arrive or after you leave. You may well have a skeleton staff in right now, practising social distancing and working to keep your customers satisfied and reassured. If you’re an existing client, you will already have heard from me or David, our Operations Director or from one of our Regional Directors, Grant, Igors, Hugh or Alex and our ‘phones are on and we’re available for you whenever you need us.

We use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, which combined with rigorous cleaning regimes already protects you, your staff and visitors to your premises against Covid-19 and other infections for up to 24 hours following each clean.

Since the beginning of last month (February 2020), we’ve been concentrating on additional focused work, sanitising areas that enjoy high volumes of handling – everything from door and kettle handles to microwave buttons and toilet flushes.

We’re committed to protecting your working environment and have, on request, been installing additional hand sanitisers around key areas of sites and offices. Any new clients have been able to come onboard by getting in touch and we are still hearing from people looking for a high level deep clean for their businesses, perhaps for the first time.

Concerns about COVID-19 in your workplace

We’ve also been providing special cleans for clients, and in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19, we can provide a specialist service which deep cleans your entire premises, every surface, using a ‘fog’ to kill Covid-19 for up to 14 days. This will mean that if you are running a skeleton staff, they can come in, confident you have done everything possible to protect them from infection.

We’ve tried to keep this to an affordable price and while every site or office has its own specifics and will need to be surveyed by our contractor, the average price is £500 + VAT. We can offer either same day or next day for this service as I write – but of course, this may change so do contact us and have that conversation with us so that you know where you stand when you need it.

We will also work with you for the best outcome for everyone because we completely understand that this will cause considerable upheaval for you all as you manage your staff and work out your next steps forward. The good news is that if we do a deep clean, you won’t need to close your premises because of the high level of sanitisation this clean provides.

Concerns about COVID-19 among our teams

Like everyone else, all our staff are being monitored and are following the most stringent hygiene routines, based on the latest advice from Health Protection Scotland. We will of course, advise any clients if any of our staff begin to show symptoms, as we would expect you to share that information with us. If any of our people has a confirmed case of Covid-19, we will quarantine them, follow our risk assessments and the latest advice. In any case, we’ll endeavour to replace your cleaning staff so that normal service can continue.

Like our clients, we’ve got a business continuity plan in place and we’re happy to share that information with any clients who may be concerned or who want to compare notes to make sure they have covered all bases too.

We stand with all our customers and our employees and wish everyone well. The future is unchartered, but on one level, it always is. If we can all bear with each, pull together and show good grace, the business continuity, though subdued, will carry on and come through this with better communications, greater connections and stronger relationships with their own people, customers and the wider community beyond.

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