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1. Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Carol, I’m a mother of three with five grandkids. I’ve tried many jobs, some of them self-employed, but I’ve always come back to cleaning. I like DIY, crochet, and crafts.

2. What do you enjoy about the job and why do you think good cleaning is so important?

I am a Supervisor here at Tidy Green Clean. Before I worked for TGC, I worked for another cleaning company but it wasn’t a great atmosphere there and people didn’t show up for work and so I got out. My friend had seen a post from Faith on Facebook and she sent it to me. I actually find this job so straightforward and therapeutic compared to what I’ve done in the past. I enjoy it, I wasn’t sure if I would because it’s housekeeping, but I can walk away and I can come back in an hour’s time and the room is still tidy so there’s a lot of job satisfaction. I don’t find this hard work; even my son said he can see a difference in me since  I started here.

We’ve got a good team; all the girls are great and I find it so rewarding. I take great pride in my work and I like things done properly; I am a bit OCD and want things to be just so. I love this job; it’s the best career change I’ve ever done. I love the fact they don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning. They’re environmentally friendly. I have psoriasis, which means I have very sensitive skin and we do wear gloves but this generally is so much better.

3. How long have you worked for TGC Highlands & Moray? Why did you choose us and what do you enjoy about the challenges of a supervisory role?

I joined in May 2022 and I actually like being a supervisor – I was, years ago in my early thirties and although this is different – that was cleaning schools – this is hotels – it’s great. I would never ask anyone to do a job I’m not prepared to do and I have a good rapport with the girls because of that. They can come to me with any problems, I am quite an easy person to get on with, I don’t shout and I take them aside if there are any issues. I understand we’re all human and we can miss things but I also am firm and get things sorted so that they’re aware if there’s something that needs to improve. There’s no point shouting or being angry with people, I want them to come to me to tell me things so we can fix it or ask questions if they’re not sure.

4. Why are Tidy Green Clean’s values about people and the environment important to you?

Well I like the fact that they don’t use harsh chemicals, and do use things good for the environment. I like to recycle and do my bit and I don’t like waste. I’m quite on it in that way. I like the way they have those same values, and so we’re not hurting the ocean, the fish, the birds. I like the fact their products are good for the environment and they have that long-term effect. They’re carbon negative as well, which is amazing.

5. What would you like to see happen in the future for you at TGC?

I’ve not thought that far! I’m still trying to do a good job as a supervisor. I love what I do. I would like to have a Team Leader under me – and I think these things will come. Faith says I do a grand job and that’s good. I am training other people to do what I do – and even on my day off I am just at the end of the phone if they need me. I am very organised; I like to know where everything is – so I can always help them. And it works, they do phone me. I have an eye for detail and so I know where everything is – I keep lists for everything and mark off what it is when I’ve done it. I would like more responsibility as we grow, and that will come!

Interview: September 2022

If you have cleaning experience, and would like to do more; have a positive attitude, take pride in your work, enjoy being part of a team, and share our values, then please contact Faith Fitzgerald on or via our Facebook page to find out more.

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