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In the world of cleaning, there are those who go above and beyond, ensuring that spaces not only gleam but also promote positivity and well-being. At the heart of Tidy Green Clean (TGC) Aberdeen West, we found a shining example in a dedicated supervisor, who has gracefully risen through the ranks while staying committed to the core values of TGC. With five years under her belt at TGC, she has witnessed transformations both within the company and herself, from starting as a cleaner post-maternity to her current supervisory role. In our latest interview, we delve into her journey, understanding her commitment to high standards, her love for the eco-friendly ethos of TGC, and her aspirations for the future. With insights into the significance of a clean environment and the importance of nurturing the human spirit at the workplace, this conversation is a testament to the saying, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. Dive in as we explore the world of TGC through the eyes of someone who’s seen and lived its evolution.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself – job title and home

I’m mum to my 5-year-old daughter; she’s amazing, she’s everywhere! And I have been a Supervisor for almost two years now. I’ve been working at TGC for 5 years (since 2017) and I’m happy Callum Cruickshank gave me the chance to show what I can do with my hard work as a Supervisor at Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West.

2. What do you enjoy about the job and why do you think good cleaning is so important?

When new people join as cleaners, I like to spend time with them to show them how to clean to the standards we expect. I really like it when our clients come back to us with positive feedback about our work. I personally think it’s important to work in a really clean space, not only in the office, but also at home for example, because it helps to create a positive feel in places you spend a lot of time in!

3. How long have you worked for TGC Aberdeen West? Why did you choose us and what do you enjoy about the challenges of a supervisory role?

I’ve been at Tidy Green Clean for five years, starting at HQ in 2017. After lockdown, I came to work for Callum at TGC Aberdeen West and became a Supervisor. After my maternity leave, I had joined as a regular cleaner. Everything changed after Covid, and Callum gave me the chance to show what else I can do. Part of my role is to monitor and check on our people to see how they’re doing, if they have any problems, and not just in work, but if they have any issues in their life, because it can have an impact on their work as well. Each job has its own challenges, there’s always something new.

I think it’s really important that we try to show that we care about them. I’m not the only Supervisor in the team; I work with another Supervisor, and we team up a lot. We have about 100 people between us so it’s a big job. We organise the schedules and that means we have to be flexible in our thinking. We try and schedule everything in advance, always at least a week before and usually a month before, so that everyone can plan around their schedule, which is another way of taking care of our people too. Giving people that certainty around their schedule takes away a lot of pressure.

4. Why are Tidy Green Clean’s values about people, standards, and the environment important to you?

I like that we are eco-friendly. I like that we really care about people. The high standards I guess are part of how I think anyway, so it’s a good fit for me. I think our cleaners all appreciate those things. If they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t work for us!

5. What would you like to see happen in the future for you at TGC?

I’d like to see the company grow. Right now, I’m happy where I am but in the future I would like to be managing the supervisors! I know what it’s like to be a supervisor. I know what it’s like to be a cleaner. Lots of the staff have known me since the beginning so they can relate to me, so for the future, that would be something good to look forward to.

Interview: June 2023

If you have cleaning experience, and would like to do more; have a positive attitude, take pride in your work, enjoy being part of a team, and share our values, then please contact Callum Cruickshank on, tel: 01224 515 340 or via our Facebook page to find out more.

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