Nine months of success for Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West

callum cruickshank

by Callum Cruickshank – Regional Director, Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West

I started as Regional Director, Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West, in April 2020, as the global pandemic was going through its first wave. Then I shared my positive and negative experiences and I thought it made sense to provide some context nine months on.

Contract wins

I have taken an active approach to go after work in Aberdeen. Tidy Green Clean recruited Business Development Manager Michael Robertson just after I joined the business. I have been able to work with him to find clients that are open to change, who are genuinely committed to improving their hygiene, to make their working environment better and who believe in our green credentials and have their own commitments to making positive changes to address climate change.

As a result, I’ve taken on over 30 new clients this year, and grown an outstanding team to support that business. It’s not been easy; we all know how challenging the pandemic has been and yet, it seems people have responded to our offering and to proactive approach we’ve taken; it’s been phenomenal to welcome so many new clients within this context and for my business.

Hiring my team

Finding the right people is a challenge every business has. I am delighted to have recruited my senior cleaning supervisor, Kasia, who works closely with the whole team and our cleaning operatives are just outstanding, both in terms of their attitude and their productivity. Right now, my team comprises of 25 + people.

Servicing contracts

One of my biggest risks, but also a real highlight, has been investing in our branded Crew Van. It means our cleaning operatives can travel to customers together (socially distanced of course) , which helps reduce our overall carbon footprint; Tidy Green Aberdeen West has a people carrier and also a small car for our supervisor so that she can liaise properly between sites. If you see them out and about, don’t forget to give us a wave.

Continuing challenges

It’s something that has become evident to many businesses this year: the true value of their cleaning staff is hard to put into words. For many this means they are starting to take a different approach to the cleanliness of their premises or recognising that cleaning operatives need to be paid the Living Wage, not just Minimum Wage, and it’s brought into sharp focus whether their existing provider is doing a satisfactory job.

The thought of returning to the office, instead of working from home, has changed people. Some are feeling anxious about work in a way that they never did before. We’ve put specific policies in place and created our Four Pillars to respond to these concerns, so that we can play our part in helping people open back up, return to work, and grow their businesses.

Looking ahead

We hope that everyone has a better and more prosperous 2021. The festive break is something many of us really need and want to enjoy, so here’s to that enjoyment and celebration of hope, as Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West wishes you all a Merry Christmas and safe, healthy and hygienic New Year.‍

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