How easy is it to become a Tidy Green Clean client?

Some of the questions we get asked a lot are about how we board new clients. In other words, how easy is it to switch to Tidy Green Clean Forth Valley and how much input do clients get in the process?

I hope this will help answer some of those questions, raise other questions you may have, and give you some insight into the high standards and thorough, professional service we provide for all our customers.

Let’s imagine a prospective customer, let’s call them Donaldson’s, contacts us to put in a quote for a commercial cleaning contract. The first thing we do is collect some general details from them to help us come back to them for an initial fact-finding discussion.

Once we’ve got their overview of what’s required, we schedule a walk-through of their facilities, their premises and have an initial discovery session to understand Donaldson’s needs and the set-up up they’ve got, as well as the kinds of services currently being provided.

From our perspective, it’s really important that the client gets to consult on what we’re proposing so that we can make sure that we create a cleaning services plan that’s entirely tailored to their requirements, that is fit for purpose and meets their needs in full.

This also means that we may well also involve complementary third-party service providers if a particular need is identified. For example, we may learn that their washroom windows have never been properly considered or cleaned for a long time. This ensures we can create and deliver a specific, holistic wrap-around solutions-based approach to meet every single concern Donaldson’s has.

Once we’ve got this far, we’re able to determine the most appropriate costing solution to support the requirement.

The customer has to be happy and once we’ve agreed a solution together, we will then work to create a timed scheduled plan to either manage a transfer of services from an incumbent provider, or for the commencement of a new service. The plan also includes scope for regular updates, progress reports on milestones and timings and so on, to ensure a seamless transfer/pick up of services.

It’s really important that those early days and weeks go well and so we carefully monitor the contract during that initial ‘bedding-in' stage and then we provide a schedule of regular reviews and audits, set with our operational team on the ground and the client, to track and feedback on our ongoing progress.

This process can change here and there, depending on the customer we’re starting work with, but the key elements are that we discover early on the full set of requirements that the business has, by walking through the premises, whether it’s an office or a restaurant, a gym or a factory, and discussing all the different elements clearly and properly with the client. Our cleaning services plan is also critical because it sets the expectations for our customer and our team and the schedules mean that timings and different operational activities will happen as agreed and expected, with no room for confusion or mistakes.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Tidy Green Clean customer and you’re in the Forth Valley area, please contact or contact to find your nearest regional director who can help.


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