Tidy Green Clean: Helping the hospitality sector post-lockdown

It’s April 2021. The UK has been in lock down, on and off, levels, tiers, steps, since March 2020. The hospitality sector has had its worst trading year in recent history. Deep cleaning and hygiene protocols for every and any business have never been a higher priority.

As a business, Tidy Green Clean asked the question:

How can we help – and support – our customers to thrive in this sort of climate?

The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa is among the finest in hotels in Scotland. Located in Aberdeen, it enjoys leisure and regular clients, as well as hosting weddings and other major celebrations. When lockdown came, followed by the subsequent lockdown levels, providing codes for when hospitality venues could and couldn’t open – and how they operate during opening hours, the hotel team recognised that they needed to ensure that all their people and their clients and other visitors to the hotel were Covid-19 safe. In other words, the hygiene regime needed to be substantial and visible to both protect and provide peace of mind to everyone coming to The Marcliffe.

The Marcliffe was already working with Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West and Regional Director Callum Cruickshank. They realised that fogging their hotel regularly would deliver the sanitisation and sense of wellbeing that all those involved at the five-star destination needed.

What is fogging?

Fogging is the now-familiar description for the use of disinfectant sprayed from a fogging machine to create what looks like fog in the room where it’s applied. It is an effective way to disinfect high levels of horizontal surfaces and hard to reach areas that are often missed in a routine clean or forgotten, small and confined spaces, such as extractor units. Fogging kills 99.9% of the bacteria present within any premises. TGC recommends that, as a rule, businesses get this done immediately after a Deep Clean or on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

The challenge was that the operational costs involved were prohibitive, based on the number of fogging sessions The Marcliffe would require.

An innovative solution

Tidy Green Clean came up with an innovative solution. They offered The Marcliffe a fogging machine on a rental basis for the hotel communal areas and bedrooms, so that they could all be fully fogged and sanitised even after the normal daily cleaning routine. This was a much more affordable solution that was both practical and flexible.

Working with colleague, Jake Robertson, Regional Director, Specialist Services, Callum Cruickshank provided The Marcliffe’s team with a comprehensive training and awareness session on how to use the equipment properly. This included a demonstration of how to wear the correct PPE in the appropriate manner, as well as how to conduct the fogging in a safe and timely manner.

A month later, TGC approached The Marcliffe Hotel again because of the continuing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and demonstrated the benefits and efficiencies of its new Zoono machine.

What is Zoono?

Zoono is the name of a specific chemical that we recommend is sprayed on high touch point areas within a high traffic area zone. Zoono lasts up to 30 days on any surface and can survive up to 30 washes, preventing the spread of virtually any virus. It also kills any germs on skin and on all textiles yet contains no toxins or alcohol.

Cleaning and disinfection remove or kill micro-organisms but typically, surfaces can become re-contaminated after two hours. Zoono, however, creates a residual barrier which greatly reduces re-contamination within a 30 day time period. In other words, Zoono delivers a sustained microbiological clean environment, reducing the level of contamination with pathogenic micro-organisms on a continual basis. It’s effective and efficient, reducing sickness and the risk of serious illness, and fewer issues affecting people because of a contaminated environment. Zoono leaves a monomolecular layer permanently bound to the surfaces it touches. The Zoono molecule itself resembles an antimicrobial spike that pierces any micro-organism, popping it like a balloon. It kills repeatedly and mechanically, not chemically and can be applied as a mist, foam or wipe.

The Marcliffe hotel decided that this would be of huge benefit and decided that Tidy Green Clean should deploy this in its restaurant, lounge and reception areas, concentrating on spraying the high touch point areas throughout the communal areas of the building.

A partnership built on trust and longevity

Commenting on the partnership with The Marcliffe Hotel, Callum Cruickshank said, “The immense and often overwhelming challenges our hospitality customers have faced because of the Covid-19 global pandemic made us determined to do whatever we could to support them. The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa is an outstanding venue and offers the very finest service, food, accommodation and experience for its guests and visitors. They were determined to maintain that exceptional service offering but using our Specialist Services team to fog the premises on a daily basis would been expensive, particularly with the necessary trading restrictions in place for much of 2020. We wanted to provide a solution that was commercially viable and creating a rental agreement for one of our fogging machines provided the safe working environment we wanted to help them deliver.”

Ross Spence at The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa stated,

“Our business thrives on its attention to detail. We are meticulous about the care and experience every guest that comes through our doors enjoys – and that extends to our people as well. We were determined to ensure that this experience wouldn’t be compromised because of the need to create a Covid-19 safe environment and we were committed to rising to this challenge to extend a safe, hygienic and comfortably luxury stay at The Marcliffe throughout each stage of lockdown. We are grateful to the thorough consideration, planning and training that Callum and Jake at Tidy Green Clean provided throughout this period, and we look forward to continue working with them as we begin to emerge through this pandemic during 2021, and beyond.”

For more information about our services and the sectors we work in, our website has a comprehensive list and more information so stay for a while and see what else we offer. [www.tidygreenclean.co.uk] or call the team on 01224 515 933.

Image courtesy of The Marcliffe [www.marcliffe.com]

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