Tidy Green Clean business set for exponential growth, based on 2020 success!

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Tidy Green Clean, the Aberdeen-headquartered leading commercial cleaning franchise operator, is already anticipating another year of growth for 2021, judging by the success that its franchisees, or Regional Directors, have reported for 2020. Despite all the challenges a global pandemic has caused for each of them, the Tidy Green Clean franchisees are all thriving, having satisfied, cared for and supported a wide range of other businesses during one of the toughest and least expected years for anyone, during 2020.

Commenting on the success of his Regional Directors, TGC’s Founder and Managing Director, said, “Our Regional Directors are handpicked. We only go into franchise partnerships with the best people, those who share our values, understand that putting our own people first is the way to success, that protecting the environment builds our future, and that customer service should always be a priority. When we appoint a Regional Director, we trust we’ve made the right choice and I am incredibly proud today of the team that we have and that we are building on into 2021.”

Each Regional Director has already experienced growth in the first month of 2021 and has been profoundly grateful to work with outstanding customers who have kept the faith with them, and responded to the TGC Four Pillars approach during the pandemic.

Grant Peterkin, Aberdeenshire South

Grant was the first franchisee and Regional Director of Tidy Green Clean and has seen the business expand through its environmental credentials, ISO accreditations, tech investments, and Living Wage standards. He said,

“Like many other business owners, I set demanding targets for 2020 and had huge expectations for the first year of a new decade. The pandemic has interrupted business for all of us, and I am so proud of my team who have risen to every, almost weekly, challenge that was thrown at them through March, April and May of last year. We’ve been instrumental in giving our customers the courage and capacity to return to work, often on a part home, part office/premises basis. We’ve stood with them to make sure that their working environment is as safe and clean as it’s possible to be, and we’ve made a difference in a way I never thought possible.”

Igors Krumins, Aberdeenshire North

Igors joined TGC as a Regional Director in January 2020 and has won over 30 contracts from a standing start. Igors said,

“It’s been a challenging but rewarding year for my team and I am so proud of them all. I am so proud of the team I have assembled; 2020 was not easy for anyone yet we have been able to show our customers that we’re here to make their lives easier – and they have put their faith in us and trusted us to do precisely that – and more. I am committed to looking after my team and they are committed to looking after our customers. We are already 24 months ahead of my original revenue target and that is because TGC invests in its people, its equipment and its customer service.”

Callum Cruickshank, Aberdeenshire West

Callum started as Regional Director, Tidy Green Clean Aberdeen West, in April 2020, as the global pandemic was going through its first wave. Callum says,

“I have taken an active approach to go after work in Aberdeen. Tidy Green Clean recruited Business Development Manager Michael Robertson just after I joined the business and I have been able to work with him to find clients that are open to change, who are genuinely committed to improving their hygiene, to make their working environment better and who believe in our green credentials and have their own commitments to making positive changes to address climate change. As a result, I’ve taken on over 30 new clients this year, and grown an outstanding team to support that business. It’s not been easy; we all know how challenging the pandemic has been and yet, it seems people have responded to our offering and to proactive approach we’ve taken; it’s been phenomenal to welcome so many new clients within this context and for my business.”

Hugh McGarry, Forth Valley

Hugh McGarry is already enjoying a positive start to 2021, with his first full year just behind him. He said,

“The business in the Forth Valley has seen steady growth despite the pandemic.  I was only three months into the new business cycle when the first lockdown hit, and it has been a very challenging but worthwhile time and allowed me to learn more about the business probably more quickly than I might have done otherwise. Our success has also been complemented by the support of the wider TGC team and has been a critical factor working remotely from much rest of the team. I think many businesses will reflect on the present situation and consider that if they are still operating and even experiencing growth as they exited 2020 – during the most challenging time in history for any business – then they are doing something right, and it means they have key foundations in place to really take business forward in better times – this is certainly the case for TGC Forth Valley.”

Jake Robertson, Specialist Services

Jake Robertson joined Tidy Green Clean as its first Regional Director (Specialist Services) in August 2020 and has had an excellent first two quarters. Jake says,

“2020 has been an incredibly challenging year but I have been able to take those challenges and turn them into success because of the backing of Tidy Green Clean. I am looking forward to all that 2021 brings with hope and anticipation for more of the same and I am excited that I will be able to recruit a team, who like me, love to be part of something that’s successful and puts people at its heart.”

Founder and Operations Director, David Moncur concluded,

“The forecasts for 2021 are challenging but achievable. Our achievements in 2020, including expansion of our cloud-based systems, international accreditations, Living Wage employer status, and business success, is fundamentally down to our people. We have high standards and they all live up to them – and exceed them. It was our vision when we started the business and it’s incredibly exciting to see it all come together in a year when we were all under tremendous pressure, at home, at work, with out physical and our mental health all being challenged.  2020 put us through our paces – and we know first-hand how difficult that year has been for so many of our customers – and yet we’re all here in 2021, planning an even brighter future. And that’s Tidy Green Clean.”

Tidy Green Clean is the leading environmentally focused national franchise cleaning operation for blue chip organisations and provide local franchisees and Regional Directors with the knowledge, training and support to be successful business owners, making the business model unique within the facilities management industry.  It achieved IS0 9001; 14001; and 45001 in under three years and a place in the top UK franchises, the EF100 for 2020 and 2021. Rooted in green practices and technologies, the business is focused on understanding its customers and employees, and how to be successful without that being at the expense of other people or the planet; they are also members of the Approved Franchise Association.

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